Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to make UV eyes

Here is an easy way to make fluorescent eyes to, for example, Booby flies. Material Loon UV Paint and UV lamp for hardening and you need some kind of eg Plastic lid to cure the eyes  The eyes are then glued with a drop of superglue to the fly.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Hot red rabbit booby

Hot red rabbit booby. A cross over fly betwen Zonker and Booby flies. The thin zonker tail givs the fly a nice movement and the hot red fluo colour makes the fly stand out in the water. 
A superb pattern för cold and murky water. 

Hook: Kamasan B160 strl 6 to 10
Thread: Red 
Tail: About 10 strands pearl flashabou
Body: Fluo flame red medium crystal hackle. This is from 
Wing: Fluo red zonker strip. About 1,5 mm wide 
Eyes: Red booby cylinder. 5-7 mm in diameter

1. Attatch the thread

2. Then take the bunch of flashabou and fasten it pointing backward.

3. Cut the tail about the same lenght as the hookshank

4. Cut the tail in taperad shape

5. Fasten the crystal hackle

6. Wind the crystal hackle in tight turns towards the hook eye. Stop 3-4 mm before the hook eye. Fasten and cut of the remaning part.

7. Now its time to prepare the zonkerstrip. I prefer to use very smal zonkerstrip and they can´t be bought.
So, i take a normal zonkerstrip and cut it in  halves along its length.
You do this with a realy sharp razor blade or surgical knife  

8. Fasten the prepared strip in front of the body.

9. Cut of the strip in the front and i n the back att the end of the tail.

10. Take a red boobycylinder, 5-7 mm in diamater, and styling the ends with a sharp scissors

11. take the cylinder and make 3-4 turns of the thread around it in the middle of  the cylinder.

12. Wind the thread around the hook until the cylinder reached the hook. Now you fix the cylinder with figure of eight turns crossover the cylinder.

13. Now you are ready with the fly after you have fasten the thread, cut it of and fixed the bobby eyes with a drop of superglue. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Sili Zonker

This is a simple fly patterns to tie. A pattern that can be tied up in countless different combinations. The short Zonker wing which is only attached to the front of the hook allows the wing to move very well. It pulsates and swims at the slightest movement. A true killer typ of flies. 

Hook: Kamasan B170, 175 or Maruto W12
Thread: Black
Body: Medium Chrystal Hackle from In this case, the color is Ultimate Fire Orange
Vinge. About 3-4 cm strip Zonker. Barred red and black. 
Rubber: Two colored Sililegs. Fluo yellow / orange
Eyes: Fluo orange chain eyes.

1. Fasten the thread

2. Clear away the fibers from a few millimeters of the Chrystal hackle so that only the thread remains.
Then tie in the cleaned part, down to the hook bend.

3. Wrap the hackle forward towards the hookeye.
Stop a few mm before the hookeye. 

4. Attach two strands of Sili legs with the orange part pointing backwards

5. Cut up the part of the Sili legs that are pointing forward and bend them backward and fasten them wind 5-6 turns of the windingthread. 

6. Now, prepare the zonkerstrip by cutting a smal point at the front end of the strip. 

7. Tie the strip in front of the body and legs and then cut the strip so it will be aboute 3-4 cm long. 

8. And as you can ses, you can vary the color combinations as you like. 

9. Finaly. Attatch a pair of chain eyes and secure them whit a smal drop of superglue. 

Monday, 10 August 2015


Requests for spoonflies has increased dramatically the last time. Perhaps it is because that they have become banned in some popular put-and-take waters here in Skåne and of course it is a flypatterns that differ, both in terms of appearance and movement in the water. Some do not even want to call them flies but what is called a fly. If you can throw it with a flyrod, is it then a fly or what .....

Pattern Description
Hook: Kamasan B900C crab hook size 2
Thread: Optional, but i like to use  any kind that are a little stronger. I prefer red thread.
Shield/back: Different types of foil, cut intodesired shape. The best, I think is shaping the foil in a slightly elliptical shape with the wider part attached a little bit down the hookbend.
Bottom: Epoxy adhesive mixed with any type of reflective glitter powder
Eyes: nickel chain eyes

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Epoxy flies

I use a lot of two-component adhesives, epoxy, to my flies. A bit messy but it gives the flies outstanding durability and with a little practice you learn to control on the solidification process so that it form beautiful flies. I use epoxy mainly to the different fish imitations but also to some tubeflies and nymphpattern.

 I will post a step by step description soon in an upcoming blog post.

Flies for carpfishing with zig-rig

A delivery of some zig rig flies for carp fishing. Most of them work equally well to other fisheries, such as for trout and rainbow trout. They all have high buoyancy to cope pull up a zig rig for an extended period. As alternative boobieflies they are certainly real killers